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    The Apple Store Album

    Over the course of the next few weeks, I am filming Mr. Carter Davis as he walks into Apple Stores across the country and record an album. Mr. Carter Davis pitched the idea of his …

  • Poster-SenisimPasin

    Senisim Pasin

    A country so rich with resource, so vibrate with beauty, yet plagued with such violence. Senisim Pasin is a feature length documentary that examines the issue of violence against women in Papua New Guinea. Filmed entirely in Tok Pisin, …

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    Untitled India Project – Highlights

    10 Years ago I had the opportunity to see this most colorful country yet was forced to travel without a camera, leaving with only images and sounds forever imprinted on my heart. This past April, …

  • Poster_max

    This Is MAX!

    When you see a child run after a soccer ball and kick to his heart’s content, you think nothing of it. That happens every day, in every city. When you see him later take off …

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    Reel 2014

    Story telling is my passion. So in my reel you’ll find award-winning animated eBooks, short films and documentaries.

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